Marriage is a beautiful institution and what better way to kick off your union than an amazing day celebrating with your new spouse, your families, and friends! Weddings have lots of details from the flowers, to the cake, to the order of the ceremony, etc, and you’ve got that *down*. Go you!


What I’m here to do for you is provide insurance. You’ve spent a lot of energy, time, and money getting all the details planned for your big day…but you can’t be in two places at once! Let me make sure that all that you’ve dreamed and planned this wedding to be actually happens. Whether it’s a distant aunt that decides your wedding is the time for her breakdown or an unruly ringbearer, to the details of forgetting to take your overnight bag to the hotel or said hotel misplacing that bag…you deserve someone to have those conversations and figure out solutions on your behalf.


Back to Grasics offers different packages and à la carte options. Pricing can vary based on number of guests, venues, vendors, etc. Please head over to the Contact Page to request a custom quote.




From budgeting to scheduling, to getting all of your bridal party, vendors, and families on the same page, weddings can quickly become overwhelming. Back to Grasics can offer you timelines, checklists, and spreadsheets to keep you organized and on top of everything. We can also coordinate with your vendors before the big day and help you optimize your wedding day schedule.

This option is best suited for weddings of fewer than 100 people and where there is a trusted parent/friend to handle any day-of money, keeping the schedule, and who can maintain good relationships with guests.

Hiring Grace at Back to Grasics for my daughter’s wedding was one of the absolute BEST decisions I have EVER made!
She is AMAZING at what she does! She is so professional, yet so wonderfully personable, has such a strong work ethic, and is so organized and detail oriented. She was so on top of everything!

Before I hired her, it was getting down to the wire, and we only had a few days left before the wedding. I just started to panic! Then someone made the suggestion to call Back to Grasics. I scheduled a meeting with Grace and hired her, and she immediately helped me make a list of anything that I might have forgotten. And once she had helped me to get a great game plan going, and I could see it all on paper, the stress of planning a wedding was reduced tremendously. Then I was actually able to enjoy my daughters special day.
I do not know how we would have made it through it all without her. She did everything possible to help us in every area of the wedding. She is determined and dedicated and GREAT at her profession. She was there with us every step of the way from beginning to end!

I HIGHLY recommend Back to Grasics!

Mother of the Bride Who Saved the Day

Ceremony & Reception

What is the least predictable part of the big day? Your guests! A Day Of Planner (DOP) is like an insurance policy. Whether it’s an eccentric uncle that needs to have an eye kept on him, or you just need someone to make sure you’re drinking enough water and get to eat, I’ll be there keeping the day on track and you fed! We’ll discuss your particular wedding’s needs and I’ll also be prepared for any other emergency that may arise.

This option is best suited for weddings with over 100 guests, or where a third party would be useful for maintaining healthy relationships between the happy couple, their parents, their bridal party, and their guests.

Grace is wonderful to work with and helped us with the whole day of the wedding. Grace is wonderful at picking up on the details and making sure they are done to perfection. She is organized, calm, totally positive, and exactly what you want on one of the most exciting days of your life! She went the extra mile to take care of details along the way, all while making sure that our wedding went seamlessly. One of the smaller things that really stuck out to me was when I was getting my makeup done – I definitely looked stressed and I had about 100 things I was worried about – and she came up and braided my hair. It meant so much to me because the makeup photos then looked awesome and I felt calmer knowing she had it handled and was way ahead of the game. (There are a million more stories like that of what she did to save the day, too. I’m still getting stories from the guests praising her!) Choosing your wedding day of planner is such a personal decision because they get to be a part of a day you will never forget — and I would highly recommend Grace as being a part of anyone’s big day.

Organized Bride Who Got to Enjoy Her Wedding Day

The Full Shebang

While the ceremony and reception are the day’s shining performance, what leads up to it is equally important for setting the stage! From hair, makeup, and photos, there’s a lot that goes into a wedding day. “The Full Shebang” offers full-day (up to 16 hours), on-site, dedicated coordination. You can enjoy the entire day as the schedule, vendor money, and any unexpected issues will all be professionally handled. Additionally, any photo shoots done during the day will have me on hand to style. This means I will make sure all of the specific photos you asked for and the personal details, the ones that really make your picture pop (like the ring slanted just so it catches the light, or the grooms tie straightened), are executed so the photographer you hired can focus on capturing the moment, making your photographer and you both very happy!


This option best suited for weddings over 200 guests, weddings with bridal parties exceeding 12 persons (including bride and groom), or couples with very specific photos they want to be captured.

I’ve worked in the wedding industry for years and I’ve never met anyone quite like Grace. I had the pleasure of working with her this weekend at one of the most upscale and beautiful weddings I’ve ever had. Not only did she handle everything with ease so that EVERY detail went unbelievably smooth but her demeanor was so relaxed and calming that even when I was feeling stressed, she gave me a smile and soft joke that leveled me completely. She’s extremely likable, sharp, meticulous and creative. Whoever gets the chance to work with Grace should consider themselves lucky. Our team felt honored.

Kick-Butt Photographer