Hello, again B2G pals! Today, I was craving some sushi, specifically from my favorite Lexington sushi house: Buddha Lounge. Unfortunately, I was not about to tackle Sunday evening, downtown traffic when I already have sushi ingredients at home!

If you’ve ever tried to make sushi at home, you probably ended up just drinking your own tears, because making sushi yourself is hard. Enter: the Sushi Salad. It’s all the tastes and textures of your favorite roll, but in a “throw it together”, no-nonsense kind of way. Plus, you can do it with almost any roll you like! Tonight, I chose a basic philly.


My personal take on Buddha Lounge’s Philadelphia Roll

Step 1: Prepare rice according to packaging

Step 2: Slice avocado and salmon (sushi grade)

Step 3: Mix mayo with remaining ingredients to taste

Step 4: Put finished rice in a bowl, line with salmon, then top with avocado and mayo. BOOM. Super easy and fairly healthy!

À votre santé!